The Live Music Show Stake Pool and website were created by 2 brothers and their common interest in block chain technology and Cardano. This has allowed each of us to grow individually and also become closer than ever before.

The Goal of the Live Music Show Stake Pool:

  • Help each one of us become debt free, by earning passive rewards for helping decentralize the network.
  • Give back to the community.
  • Fund an instrument pool to provide musicians and music related charitable organizations access to all kind of equipment necessary to create and entertain. That includes guitars, drums, mics, amps, recording devises. etc.

Check out how to access our platform:


  • Toby

    Entrepeneur, Visonary

    Toby has run a small flooring business for 15 years and always had an entrepreneur spirit and love of technology.

  • Jim

    Software Engineer, Nerd

    Jim has a computer science background and handles the operational side of keeping the stake pool up and running.


  • 393 Epoc
  • 14 Delegators
  • 10.5k ADA Pledge
  • 100.3k ADA Stake
  • 1 Lifetime Blocks

When staking or delegating your ADA to our stakepool, we never lock your ADA. It remains liquid at all times, and in your own custody!


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